Monday, June 1, 2009

Money Saver Monday: Make the Ask

These turbulent economic times are tough for us all. It's scary wondering if businesses are going to stay afloat (mine is doing just fine thank you very much), let alone if our banks will keep their doors open long enough to capitalize on the promised high interest rates. Fears aside, the economy is turning out to be good for the shopper in all of us.

While I don't recommend bargaining all the time, it's a buyers technique that I think is A-OK in the right circumstance.

Intro: women's fashion store going out of business (bittersweet - they're keeping their 2nd location). The want: a leather stool to go with my new $25 desk (thanks The ask: cheap! The conversation:
Me: How much is this chair?
Retailer: $45
Me: How about $35 and I pay with credit card and pay the 4% credit card charge?
Retailer: How about cash?
Me: I don't have that much ...
(Luckily, one of my girlfriends piped in saying I could borrow cash)
Me: Well, I think I can make it work. (Looking in girlfriends wallet - where did she get all those $20s?!). Oop - it looks like she doesn't have that much - how about $30?
Retailer: OK

Sold to the fast talking buyer!

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