Monday, June 15, 2009

I am 29 - going on 18 - hurrah nah nah nah nah

Last week at my gym (Bay Club - love it, BTW) I took a free "Body Age Analysis" which is supposed to tell you what your Body Age is (vs. actual age). The test also gives an Obtainable Body Age. I'm thrilled to say ... I am ... 18!!!

The test was made up of the following:
  • Vo2 max testing - mine was calculated at 56.6 ml/kg-min which put me in the 99th percentile compared to other women 20-29
  • Body composition - I was measured and weighed (and the funny part is there's no "pregnancy" option on the test output so I was measured as a "normal" woman) - I came in at 147 lbs, 125.8 lbs of lean body mass, 21.2 lbs of fat, and a 14.4% body fat
  • Blood pressure and stress testing - this was measured just as any blood pressure test at a drug store - mine came in at 120 Systolic and 88 Diastolic - my Systolic is actually a bit high putting me in the "prehypertension-normal" range, but the tester said the boys could contribute to that
  • Strength and flexibility evaluation - I stood on a scale and tried to pull up a weight using my legs, core, back, and arms - I came in average here (bummer - gotta do more curls) - this tells me I need to do more core work (now I'm sticking to plank, but when the boys come I'll ramp it up)
  • Identification of risk factors - this was a questionnaire and I came out in the "Good" to "Excellent" ranges - the lower scores were on caffeine (I do love my coffee) and the higher scores were on eating my fruits/veg and drinking water
All in all, it was a fun test! Doing the questionnaire was a great reminder of the importance of a good diet and good general safety (things like driving (oh, another lower score for me) and stress factor into overall health).

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