Monday, June 29, 2009

What I'm loving today: Tommy's Margarita Mix

No, I'm not downing margaritas in the celebratory homestretch waiting for the boys. I have, however, had a hankering for the salty sweet taste for weeks - I'm an uber marg fan. After running the Rock 'n Roll marathon last year my first wish was to have a margarita (rocks with salt of course) in hand. Actually, scratch that, first wish was to have movement of my legs back - then came the marg.

Last week Matt found the platinum of margarita mixes for me - Tommy's Drink Mix. This mix is PERFECT for a virgin margarita (sub sparkling water for the tequilla) after a long hot day. Because there isn't much sugar and it's light on the juice index, this hasn't been effecting my GD by spiking my blood sugar too much. Here are the deets:
  • Hand-picked, subtly sweet 100% fresh-squeezed slightly tart, aromatic limes
  • Organic Agave nectar
  • Purified water
  • Touch of organic cane sugar

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