Monday, June 29, 2009

The look of a professional pre/post/during preg

Sitting in staff this morning I looked around and noticed every man was wearing practically the same thing - blue shirt, khaki pants, brown belt and shoes. Some spiced it up with a blue plaid or pinstripe shirt, but the theme was the same. I noticed this same theme when I worked in Japan last year but it was black pants, black belt, black shoes, white shirt. Period.

I think in tech, there's definitely an unspoken "uniform" - you look the part much like in running. If a man showed up to work (again, in tech - advertising, architecture, etc. all different ballgames entirely) in fitted grey slacks with a purple shirt (picture Euro style), they wouldn't be part of the unspoken "club." On the running note, if a runner showed up to the starting line in long shorts and Velcro high-tops, they would still get the runner's courtesy, but definitely not be in the "club."

Women in tech, on the other hand, get to spice it up more. There's still definitely a theme, but we do get to have more fun. My preg version of the unspoken "uniform" is a black dress (stretchy), cardigan (cozy), heals (won't go without), and necklace - I add color where I can.

Post preg, I'll go back to the basics - pencil pants, long white blouse, blazer, heals (my boss says I gravitate to tranny shoes ... as long as I can keep up with the boys in them, I'll sport 'em), and chunky necklace. I might have to do the black on black or black on grey for a while to hide the "no I'm not pregnant anymore" belly - but I'll cross that (fashion) bridge when I get there.


Karen said...

You look great during....maybe I misses it, but how long is your maternity leave?


Amber said...

You're too nice - thank you! I'm going to take 6-weeks off, but then work from home for 6-months.