Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wanted: Indoor Bike Trainer or Bust!

Now that I'm nearing the finish line ... or starting line ... you know what I mean, the reality of not being able to get out of the house much for the first few months is sinking in. Don't get me wrong - I can't wait until those months when I get to "kick it" with the boys. My transition from running to biking was a toughy when I had to stop hitting the pavement daily and I'd rather not transition from biking to nothing when the boys come. Intro - indoor bike trainers.

A while back I blogged on my home gym setup. Now I'd like to add a bike trainer to round out the cardio kick I oh-so-love. Bicycling magazine has a great lineup of trainers:
Note the hefty price-tags - bummer!

I found the Bell Motivator Mag Indoor Bicycle Traineron Amazon which has great ratings but I'm hoping to get even cheaper! Yes, you guessed it, my next few days/weeks will be spent Craigslist.com haunting and checking in with bike training clinics for used trainers. Wish me shopping luck!


rcpeters said...

I hear babies like the noise trainers make :-)

Amber said...

It'll be my "green" version of a sound machine for them - do it yourself white noise