Wednesday, June 10, 2009

To wear: presenting in public at 8months pregnant (with twins)

Last week I had to present at a user conference about managing open source communities. The conference was here in the city which was great because I could walk, and was to mostly developers with a few other community and marketing managers thrown in. At 8-months pregnant with the boys, finding something presentation-worthy was tough, but I came up with a few winners (I needed 2 as it was a 2-day conference).

I enjoyed outfit validation when I checked in and the girl working reg complimented both the bump and outfit (gold star for her!).

Here are the deets:
  • Black cashmere sweater dress: comfy and perfect for toning down the mass bumpage - there's a cute one at (love that site!) but I wore a White and Warren one I got on
  • Leggings: still fit and look great with almost everything - lots of companies offer cute ones, here are some from Miss Selfridge (a site similar to H&M)
  • Messenger bag: this is more for getting to and from the conference to hold business cards and my notebook (I didn't lug the laptop - instead I opted for a backup on a memory stick) - mine is a Tumi that I got from work, but here's a much less expensive cute option from Moxsie
  • Knee high black boots: they may not look comfortable, but they are - I'm still living in heals - here's a cute knock-off pair of LVs from Amiclubwear
  • Glasses: these aren't so much a fashion statement as a necessity - I got lasik 8-years ago but my eyes are slipping so when I need to see a projected screen, I dawn my Oliver Peoples - here are a cute pair of Oliver Peoples inspired glasses

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