Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The belly brigade

With my "secrets" now out, and my belly out farther, people seem shocked by the fact we're pregnant and drawn to my belly - it's as if rubbing it is good luck. Today at work a co-worker mused, "I just can't believe you're pregnant. And, I can't believe we couldn't tell until now. Now I can see your belly! It's just so weird." My reply? "Weird for you? Try being pregnant!" This was all in good fun, though, and it actually felt good being able to clear peoples' weird feeling.

I think those who don't have kids or don't want kids just can't imagine the whole pregnancy process. Those who do have kids nod, laugh, and look so worried for my sleep and livelihood when I say it's twins.

The nicest thing about being "out"? The amazing surprising generosity! The same co-worker who was amazed at my changes, bought me a cupcake at lunch time which was so sweet.

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