Monday, February 2, 2009

The fat days

I'm starting to feel a bit pudgy on the edges - aka, fat, and not with a p. But with famous people living their lives in front of us, it's reassuring to see some of these mom's of twins have bounced back and then some.

Angelina Jolie had a boy and girl July 12, 2008 (right around when I'm due!)

Rebecca Romain had her twins in December, 2008 and looks GREAT now!

Julia Roberts had her twins (with funny names) in November, 2004

Lisa Marie Presley had her twins October 7, 2008

Jennifer Lopez welcomed her twins in February, 2008 - and then did a triathlon!!!

The list could go on and on but the point is, no matter how puffalicious I'm feeling right now, they felt it too. And they had to feel it in the public eye. Furthermore, they all bounced back - and so will I. So for now? It's time to enjoy it! It's time to run, eat, nap, and be merry.

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