Sunday, February 8, 2009

Money Saver Monday: Go for the sale

I'm a shopper - I love to shop - but lately I've stopped all consumption (clothes, not food - don't worry!) completely in order to save for the move, new furniture, and of course the twins. But when it is time to shop, a good deal is well needed. Here are a few of my favorite sites to haunt:

For baby stuff:
  • Baby Steals - they postone item on sale daily and they're typically between 50-60% off
  • Giggle - this store is actually not cheap at all, but I do love it and, if you're having twins, any time you buy two of something they give you 20% off
  • Amazon - tried and true for many, they're full of great sales
  • Overstock - a good site for discounted furniture and nursery goods
For mommy:
  • Gilt - I LOVE this site - every day they have a new designer on sale. My favorites? DVF and White and Warren. You need an invite to "join" and shop on this site - if you're interested, leavea note and I'll invite you!
  • Hautelook - Similar to Gilt, every day they have a designer whose goods are discounted. The one downside to this one is their shipping time is way longer than Gilt.
  • Blue Fly - this site used to have better deals but the one thing that is still good is the lingerie - I buy all my cosabellas here.

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