Thursday, February 5, 2009

You know you're pregnant with twins when...

  1. Walking over Union St. (big hill in San Francisco) winds you after 5 steps
  2. You can't hold the plank position for longer than 10-seconds when you used to be able to hold it for over a minute and a half
  3. Your boobs are so big that not only do your co-workers stare, but your female co-workers grab them
  4. Your stomach makes the same sounds as a high school band ... under water
  5. Your friends who don't want kids and aren't close to marriage look at you like you're an alien
  6. Womens' perfume makes you cross the street
  7. Cigarette smoke makes you want to cry
  8. You still fit your jeans but in a sausage like way (15-weeks pregnant anyhow - let's give this one time)
  9. You ate an entire container of salsa with dinner
  10. You took a shower, got through the shampoo OK, put in conditioner and promptly stepped out of the shower to go to bed

Gosh, if this is the list at 15-weeks, let's see what another 15 bring!

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