Friday, February 20, 2009

Now playing the role of fat bum...

Yesterday when leaving work I ran into an ex from highschool. Our past run ins have been rather nice (in the mean girl sense) - he was my waiter twice while "in law school." Yesterday, on the other hand, was another story. When I walk to work I wear sneakers and then change into heals for the office. I was in the in-between mode (in more ways than one):
  • Gold velcro sneakers
  • Purple cable knit turtle neck (BAD idea when 4-months pregnant - who knew cable knit could make you look like the stay puff from Ghost Busters?)
  • Capris (how's that for a statement with the shoes
  • Jacket I can't zip shut anymore
  • Computer bag I was wearing as a backpack
Oh the horror. I think pregnancy+walking is not an excuse for bum attire. I'll work on that.

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