Sunday, February 22, 2009

What a run!

The weather can't seem to make up it's mind this week - one day it's dumping rain, the next is sunny and warm. That's San Francisco for you - the city that keeps fleece in business, the city of mind changes, and the city of surprises. I had been chatting with some GGRC'ers about doing a 13-14 mile run today but with my exhaustion rolling in at a pace that could rival the dark clouds rolling in and out of the city, this far was out. I did however meet up with the guys at the Warming Hut to kick them off for their 13-14 mile and to go off on my own 7 miler.

The run started out great for us all - we ran from the Warming Hut up to the bridge and over. The bridge was doubly incredible (beyond the standard amazing views) because it was empty - a perk of the weather. On the Marin side of the bridge I waved the guys off for their run into Tiburon and started making my way up the single track to the "Saddle." I was in heaven - I had the entire mountain to myself and the swishing sound of the rain combined with the cars was a perfect pacing melody to push me up the hill. At the top (the "Saddle") I did my own little Rocky dance and then turned to go down. About this time the wind switched gear and pushed against me - OK, weight training. Back onto the bridge I was really hit with it - the rain picked up, the wind doubled, and then the worst friend to running - hail! I ran nearly the entire stretch of the bridge with my eyes closed pushing against the ice and wind - the only things getting me through being the song "Ain't nothing gonna hold me down, no no, I got to keep on moving," and the goal of getting to my car quickly to pump the heat.

All in all, a terrific run!

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