Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tasty Tuesday

As this week brings the finale of Top Chef in New Orleans, I made a Cuban/Cajun/Californian trio dinner tonight.

Mahi Mahi with pineapple and peppers
Black beans
Salad with tomatoes and pomegranate seeds

Mahi Mahi:
Thawed frozen fish from Trader Joes (we're on a budget)
Put in pre-heated over at 350 covered with garlic powder for 30-minutes
After fish was cooked, plated with fresh cut pineapple and topped with chopped up peppers (I like it spicy!!!)

Black beans:
Pretty basic - heated a can of black beans and topped with tapatio

Mixed organic greens with pomegranate seeds
Topped with sliced tomatoes
Dressed with olive oil, balsalmic, salt and pepper to taste


Why it's good for you?
Yet another 30-30-40 meal - the beans and fruit pack some carbs but they come with fiber, too. The fish is a great source of protein (as are the beans), and the peppers help satisfy the appetite so as not to over-eat.

Why it's good for baby?
Fish helps brain development and I want these kids to be smart!

Why it's good for runners?
The carbs from the fruit and beans will help with a morning run but not over exhaust you before you get going (bread and pasta do this to me).

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