Saturday, February 21, 2009

The forgotten things

I had a story to tell but forgot it on my way here (my way being typing in ...) You'd think that because I have two more brains forming there would be more room for memory - no. With pregnancy comes memory lapses. Eesh!

Yesterday before work I went to wash my face, toner, remove the excess eye makeup I missed the night before, and primp - pretty standard. I got through the wash part OK. Then went on to tone - somewhere between the cabinet and my face I forgot what I was doing and found myself "toning" with eye makeup remover. Oops! Onto makeup - I powdered, linered, and mascara'd. Done. Beauty regime in 10-minutes. Upon reaching work I looked in the mirror and realized I had only mascara'd my right eye. Oops again! At least that one I could play off as part of the weird '80s style coming back.

Long live to do lists!

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