Monday, February 23, 2009

Money Saver Monday: Love hand-me-downs

I've always been a fan of second hand goods - I think I've supported an entire department at eBay and I know most good consignment stores across California. My philosophy of hand-me-downs for designer goods carries through to baby goods - even more so, in fact - where I could love and wear a Gucci purse for 5+ years, the boys will only be able to enjoy their cute duds for a month (if that!). It's nice having a friend with a baby boy in the city - and she is so amazingly generous!

Today I went to visit Leanne who recently had beautiful baby Wonder and after catching up on lack of sleep and bump stories, she surprised me with piles of great baby clothes! Wonder is 3-months old now and has already grown out of his onsies and tiny shirts. A million thanks to Leanne!!!

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