Thursday, February 19, 2009

Super mom?

Can women have it all? Can mother's have it all? I just went to a "Girls in Tech" mixer where Sarah Lacey spoke about her new book, about having been a tech reporter for the past 10-years, what trends are looking like with this down economy, and balance.

To the balance note, one point that stood out was:
"If you think you can have work-life balance - be a mom and be a successful entrepreneur, you're nuts. Change your plan."

At first this totally caught me off guard and I am/was ready to head out and prove this statement wrong. What I think she really meant though (based on her further clarification around taking VC money, having employees, etc.) was one cannot go out and juggle "having a life" (kids/sports/anything) with starting a large enterprise. The good news is I don't want to be an entrepreneur in tech and evangelize the newest .com 2.0 cloud wiki mashup transnational acronym filled whatever. I want to be a great mom, runner, and successful globe trotting career woman. I think that's doable. Consider women in sports - women run in the Olympics all the time after having kids. HUGE accomplishment. Women write books and start creative businesses (kudos Martha) after kids because they learn so much. Amazing.

I think life and wants and dos will change constantly. Right now? Yep, I want it all. Talk to me in 5-months when I haven't slept for a week and am still feeling fat and bloated - we'll see then.

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