Monday, February 23, 2009

Drowned smurf or blueberry - you decide!

Another Monday, another awesome Lululemon run. Tonight we only had two other guys show up (I'll chalk it up to the rain) but we were truckin' (averaging ~ 8min miles).

Soaking wet just home from the run:
You can't tell from my brilliant Under Armour disguise, but there are two kickin' babies in there! You can see the bulbousness in all it's glory here (lettin' it all hang out):
I still haven't told the other Lulu runners but I'm starting to get some funny looks and side-ways belly glances. I guess the truth should come out ...


mo said...

congrats Amber. I'm so happy for you guys...did you hear that my brother bill just had twins...Cate and Madeline...along with their 2.5 year old brother kevin...lots of babysitting:)

Amber said...

Thanks! I heard - so exciting!! Twins are in the air I think. And two girls - how fun!