Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is four the new three?

When I was "growing up" (aka, in college) and dreaming of being a mom one day, I always thought I'd tell the world as soon as the little stick said "pregnant." Hitting adult-hood (graduation) I realized most people wait until 3+ months to tell because of miscarriage fears. Becoming pregnant myself, I learned it's much different. The tell factor of course varies for everyone but now it seems like the majority of expectant parents wait until 4 months, not 3. The 4 month time marks:
  • Test results being in (mine came in yesterday!!!!!!!!!! - 1 in 10000 chance of Down syndrome, 1 in 1700 chance of spinal biff)
  • Miscarriage fears being gone
  • The bump starting to appear (especially with twins)
  • Belly flutters (this is an "inny" feeling when you start feeling the baby - it's awesome)
We just started telling yesterday and it's a weird experience. People are thrilled, shocked, and amazed that I was actually able to lie for 4 months straight. Now reality is setting in even more - it's fantastic.

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