Wednesday, January 21, 2009

13 weeks and going strong!

I'm now "officially" 13-weeks along - two months ago 13-weeks seemed forever away; now, 30-weeks feels forever away.

According to Child Birth Solutions, this week I can expect:
  • Cravings (I have been eating a lot of pickles and chocolate ... but I ate those before - now I just have a reason)
  • Starting to show (I am ... someone uploaded pictures from the race I ran this weekend (someone who didn't know I am pregnant and hopefully just thinks he got a "bad angle" - my best girlfriend called so excited because she can start to see something going on)
  • The twins' vocal cords are developing (maybe that's what all the growling is)
  • The twins' intestines are moving into their abdomen
  • The twins are starting to grow fuzzy hair (and they're only 2-inches long!!!)
Here are some birthday facts from Babies Online:
  • The twins' birthstone will be Ruby (Contentment)
  • The twins' Astrological Sign will be Leo (Matt's sign)
  • The twins' Flower is Larkspur or Water_Lily (Green, Russet and Red )
  • The twins will be born in the Chinese Year of The Ox
  • This time next year The twins will be 25 Weeks Old!
  • The twins will start kindergarten in 2014, be old enough to drive a car in 2025, finish high school in 2027, and will graduate from college with the class of 2031, give or take a year. Can you imagine? Wow, I feel old already!!!

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