Monday, January 5, 2009

To do: liar liar pants on fire - oh the stories pregnant women tell

I'm still in the super-top-secret pregnant mode - aka, 10.5 weeks in and waiting to tell people until after the 14-week mark. During the holidays it's rather difficult to pull my secret off.

At our New Year's Eve party I offered to make the margaritas - I offered so I could quickly make a virgin one then pack the blender with tequila and pour for the rest of the crowd. An amazing fete if I do say so myself.

Here are some of the other (white) lies:
  • Co-workers want to go to happy hour - Oh, I can't - I promised the hub I'd make dinner tonight.
  • Co-workers talking about newly pregnant sister (she just found out - not sure she wants the whole office to know) and talking about how she's too young and too poor (she's 29 (my age) and makes a similar salary (not bad)) - I think it's great as long as she and her husband are happy!
  • Boss says he can't work because his wife is 2-months pregnant and is having a tough time - Poor thing! I'll cover for you. (I mean this one - I think pregnancy is different for everyone)
  • Throwing a dinner party and game night - no lie here, I'm buying non-alcoholic Beck's and cheersing away
  • Girlfriends want to take a weekend trip to Vail - Can't, I'm saving for something big (two somethings actually!)
  • Book club night (aka, get together with the girlfriends, split copious bottles of wine, and dish) - I'm doing a 1-month detox for my New Year's resolution

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