Thursday, January 1, 2009

To do: get off to a running start; sites, smells, sounds

Feeling motivated by some research I read about running and fitness helping with healthier pregnancies, and to kick off 2009, I went for a slow(ish) 5.49 run this afternoon. The city was perfect for a run - crisp, not too bright, and fairly quiet. Well, fairly quiet until I got down to the water - and then it seemed everyone was trying to build fitness and family time (both very important) into their 2009 start.

San Francisco provides awesome running routes - my favorite takes me along the water around Chrissy Field, under the bridge, and through the Presidio. Today I wove up through Presidio Heights taking stairs and hills all the way (gotta keep the booty up).

I've always been sensitive to smells when running but ever since I became pregnant I've been especially so. During my run I enjoyed the water smell, wet grass, and trees - then got into some funky smells - cigarette smoke (this is like torcher to me), champagne puke on the streets (at least the city has sophisticated drunks?), and rotten food in open garbage bins. Yuck!

For some reason the city didn't sound like a city today (and it wasn't my Coldplay/Madonna mix blasting in my ears). It was void of cars and filled with family sounds - laughing, talking, playing.

All in all, a great way to start 2009.

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