Saturday, January 17, 2009

Monday Money Saver: Check it

I'm a big fan of books/DVDs/magazines - you get the drill. Being in a book club contributes to this fan of books but it also contributes to my spend. Over the past 6-months I've bought 6-books varying from $5-$22 - that adds up!

Intro: the Library card. It's a little ridiculous actually, my very first job was at a library and after living in San Francisco for 5+ years I'm only now getting a card? Better late than never I guess.

Last week I checked out:
  • A pregnancy book on twins (I've already bought 5) - savings of $11.95
  • A DVD - savings of $4.99
  • My book club book for this month, Persuasion - savings of $5 (used on Amazon)
Total savings: $21.94
This money saving thing is turning out to be easier than I thought ...

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