Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fat vs. bump

I got caught! After all my brooding and planning to hide my little secret(s), I got caught. Our guests arrived last night and I had hidden all the books, put all the magazines under my bed, and bought a case of non-alcoholic beer as well as a case of regular beer that was the same color. When our guests arrived I was still finishing up dinner so the Mrs. came into the kitchen to talk ... and there it was, my Dr.'s note stating it was twins and listing my tests. OY!

The night progressed with baby stories which was actually a lot of fun. Despite not wanting people to know, I do like talking about babies / what to do / etc.

At one point the Mr. was talking about how incredibly fat I was going to get and it actually hurt my feelings. Here's my take - when you're pregnant, it's a bump. There are of course some people who get "fat" outside of the pregnant bump, but not everyone - I very well might, but I certainly don't want it pushed in my face. Now this is by no mean a tisk to the Mr. - I think when people get pregnant vocabulary changes. That, and emotions are flying a million miles a minute.

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MrsEm said...

Yay! I found your blog again. Sorry about the "fat" comments - I feel terrible! We're just so excited for you to be packed with big, healthy babies :)