Thursday, January 15, 2009

Running with baggage

This morning I woke at 5:45 to meet Linzy and Brett for another early morning run and found an SMS on my phone saying they were canceling (text sent at 11:30pm - way past bedtime). Bummer. I was up so I decided to run anyhow. I loaded up with pepper spray, my light, iPod, and keys - seriously, I was running with quite a load. I'm glad I had the light - San Francisco is dark in the morning!

After lacing up and making it a block down I started getting the heebies with all the movement on the sidewalk (bodies shifting in their sleep). I made it to the water and then rounded Ft. Mason - cresting the hill I smelled a familiar stink ... SKUNK!!! Oy. Thankfully the wafting smell missed me and I ran on and finally made it back home before the sun even approached the horizon.

This afternoon was the more exciting part of the day - my second ultrasound and the first part of the integrated screening. Matt and I made our way to CPMC where we met with a genetic counsellor for a painstaking 50-minutes (it's scary learning all of the problems possible with babies and even more scary knowing there's never 100% assurance that they'll be alright and even more scary that with twins everything is twice as likely!) The counselling went well and in we went for the ultra - it was SO amazing! We saw the twins sleep, wake up, and start moving. They're now 2-inches long and beautiful. We also got to see them in 3D which was ... weird. To be honest I actually don't much like the 3D, I'm a black and white fan. 3D looks a bit like egg yolks in a sauce mixer to me - just weird.

Can't wait for the results and my next ultra!!!

After the test I felt like all my baggage (worries/fears and physical running baggage) vanished. Knowing "things are looking good" is amazingly relieving.

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Yay! Happy news :)