Thursday, January 1, 2009

To do: when you can't run, stretch

Lately I've been going back and forth being able to run and not able to run (I judge it by "is there spotting?") When I can't run, I do yoga - the stretching is not only relaxing and a good core workout, but a great base for when I get back to running. I typically start with 3-5 sun salutations, and then go into a few series of poses based on what I want to work.

Here are a few favorite poses:
  • Warriors 1, 2, and 3 - with feet 3.5-4 feet apart, the front knee bent and the back foot at a 90 degree angel you stretch arms overhead, then one out front the other behind, and then to really work it, get the back flat like a plank, bend over, lift the back leg, and put arms behind
  • Big toe pose - this one is great for runners - you bend over keeping legs straight and hold your big toes (or in my case, elbows because I can't reach my big toes); you can feel the stretch up the back of both legs right where you need it
  • Child's pose - the best at-rest post ever - on hands and knees with toes pointing outward, bend over and put hands all the way in front of you and then circle them back to rest at your hips
Yoga Journal has a ton of other good poses to try.

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