Sunday, January 25, 2009

Toss, recycle, or keep?

We turned in an application for a great 2-bedroom place this morning (I hope we get it I hope we get it oh goodness I hope we get it!!!) and I'm trying so hard not to get my hopes up too high. But now we're in limbo - if we get the place, they'll want us to move in now which begs two questions:
  1. How do we get out of our (perfect) 1-bedroom fast so we don't have to pay two rents (did I say perfect? I mean really, we can see the Golden Gate bridge from our kitchen, Alcatraz from the living room, have original crown molding (not mold), and gorgeous hard wood floors)
  2. How do we pack and move when we have accumulated a LOT of stuff over the years?
Now I'm in the toss, recycle, or keep phase going through everything and wondering how much I really feel like boxing it up to move. That game we opened but never played? Recycle. That book I bought and read the back of for book club? Keep - I really should have read it. The teddy bear my first boyfriend gave me? Toss - I should have tossed that before "I do" but it got boxed and moved.

I need an assistant...

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