Friday, January 16, 2009

Money saver: the "educational" facial

I love facials - actually, I love anything around pampering myself. With twins on their way and a New Year's resolution to be better with money, I can't splurge on $80+ treats once a month. Intro the "educational" facial.

One evening after a particularly gruelling work day I walked a new route home through the financial district and happened upon the "Cinta Aveda Institute" a beauty school here in San Francisco. They offer facials and hair by students but with a teacher overseeing them. When I first walked in I was offered a $20 coupon (I think everyone, even the lower cost options, are really hurting with this economy) for a discount off a treatment so of course I signed up for a facial on Saturday. The facial was AWESOME! The entire facial was with Aveda products and the estitician made sure not to use salicylic acid or the like because I told her I was pregnant. The treatment was topped off with a head/neck/shoulder/foot/hand massage - can't be beat. All this for $20 (normal price is $40)!

Who said splurging has to be bank breaking?

When I can finally get my hair done again I'm going back for a $14 cut and $40 color.

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