Saturday, January 3, 2009

To do: home layout

I may have 6+ months to go, but I'm already looking around our 1-bedroom San Francisco apartment wondering how we're going to fit two smiling bubbling babies in our home. We are actually looking to buy right now (first time buyers can surprisingly get good rates now) but we're not sure what's going to happen. So, here's my dream home layout of the day:

The kitchen - we're not too concerned with fitting baby things in the kitchen yet (outside of highchairs) but we do want to capitalize on space. Z-Gallery has an awesome expandable tall bar table that could double as a dining table.

The living room - we currently have a handful of chests thanks to my Godmother in the Philippines, a huge tube TV, nice couch, two leather chairs, and some modern/Asian drawers. If we stay in our 1-bedroom, the living room will have to double as a bedroom (when I first laid this out I was picturing one baby, not two). Right now I'm really liking the Bloom Snug from Giggle for a living room baby seat, and baby furniture from Dwell - but within our budget we'll most likely be buying cribs and dressers from Ikea.

The bedroom - right now we're working on getting rid of junk; that's step 1. We need to put stuff into, too, so I'm trying to convince the hub that we need the Borghese Lingerie Chest as Z-Gallery. For the little ones, we're looking at adding a bassinet (at first I loved the Ninna Nanna bassinet from Giggle but now I'm looking at the Graco Pack 'n Play for twins because of it's size and the different ways you can use it).

The bad news is there are tons of options out there and reviews on both sides of the fence for almost every one. The good news is I have time for more research ... and more layouts (my husband is an architect so he's already working our home up in autocad to see how everything will fit (more fun than function)).

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