Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The pregnant run

Living in San Francisco I think there are a handful of kinds of runs:
  • The bus run: when bus riders are one block+ off from the bus as it pulls into the stop, they always seem to do a faux run/shuffle; in all honesty this faux run is probably slower than a walk
  • The red light run: when (side) walkers are making their way to a cross walk and see the yellow blinking, there are two types: those who stop and those who red light run - stepping into the street 1-4 seconds before the light turns red but absolutely holding up traffic
  • The run run: my favorite kind - running full out, sweat flying, breathing rasped, up the hills of San Francisco
  • The pregnant run: this is my current run; this run fits into any of the above buckets but comes with an extra arm motion - elbows up at breast not so discretely holding the upper twins in place because no matter how sturdy my new D bra is they hurt like heck

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