Saturday, January 17, 2009

Race Day - PCTR 21k

Today was race day and I ran the PCTR Pacifica 21k. It was perfect weather for a race and there were a ton of GGRC runners doing the 21k. I forced myself to "run easy" which was quite nice, actually. I wound up running a 2:13 21k and I placed 33rd overall (out of 150) and 1st in my age group (25-29 (I'm 29)). So much for easy ... :)

It felt great, though. If I ever felt short of breath I walked and when I started getting too hot I'd peal off layers and drink water.

Being up in the trails over the water was fantastic, too. I love running alone on those trails - there's plenty of time to think (and believe me there's a lot on my mind). On the docket for this race? "I'm so glad the tests went well, I'm so glad the tests went well, I'm so glad the tests went well." These pleased feelings morphed into: "where the heck are we going to live," and "what will they be like?" It's crazy thinking about these little people literally growing inside me and coming along for everything I do - will they like running, too? Will they be "good" people? Really right now I'm just hoping for happy and healthy - hopefully Matt and I will contribute to the rest.

After this trail race I think I'm going to hang up my muddy shoes for a while. I'm still going to do some road races and I'll definitely be taring up the streets of San Francisco for fun runs. The down hills really started scaring me, though, so I'm going to chill for a bit.

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