Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Inspired: Running is Good for You - and the Little Ones Too

Every day I continue to be inspired by athletes (specifically runners). My track coach from high school is still running - he's well into his 70s but looks and acts like a 50- year old - truly an incredible man. The President of my running club just had her first baby and she ran almost the entire way through her "high risk" pregnancy - mom and baby are quite healthy.

I love being inspired - do you have stories of runners / mom's / teachers who are inspirational through their activity?

Check out this article on Fit Pregnancy about runners expecting twins:
"Cheryl Kruse Shwe, 34, a running coach, ran between 15 and 35 miles a week in San Francisco until the day she delivered her baby. Juliet Hochman, 34, a former Olympic rower from Portland, Ore., traded running for power walks partway through both of her pregnancies. And they’re not alone."

Read the full article ...

I fall into the "Advanced" category - My running hang up isn't being winded or weight (because I haven't gained any yet), it's being too tired to get up let alone run.

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