Sunday, January 4, 2009

Winded when running

(photo from my last trail race a few weeks ago - pre-winded-ness)

Lately on my runs, short or long, I've been getting winded within minutes. It may be because I've cut my mileage over the holidays and with the first pregnancy spotting scare ... or it may be (drumroll) because I'm pregnant with twins! Talk about a body changer. I'm just over 10-weeks so there isn't much belly to get in the way of running, but everything going on in there is effecting running; namely, my blood and nutrients are busy on other projects now than just fueling my runs.

I don't want to stop, though. I stopped for a few days and thought I'd explode - running is my biggest stress release and passion. The solution? Run-walk-run. To continue without getting winded, I've slowed my pace by nearly 30-seconds per mile and am sticking to the flats (for the most part - I do love the hills). I'm not doing sprints but I am making myself pace even more which leaves little room for burning out.

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