Monday, March 2, 2009

The biggest liar

Recently, The Biggest Loser's Dane Patterson and The Biggest Loser the show, claimed Dane and his wife, Carli, finishing the Arizona Desert Classic Marathon in under four hours. The truth? Dane didn't think he'd make the cutoff time for the marathon so instead of running the entire thing just ran a portion of it.

My take? Anyone who even tries to do a marathon is incredible in my eyes - they're mentally and physically brutal and even an attempt is amazing. Lying on the other hand? Not cool. The problem is our country is getting so used to getting by on an "almost-truth" and now with entertainment/sports supporting this fallacy, Pinoccio-hood remains acceptable. I do understand Dane's dillema, don't get me wrong, but I think publicising something as amazing as finishing the race with his wife is too much. Audiences would be impressed that he a) tried it and b) completed a half (which in itself is huge).

Enough of my rant - you can read the full article around the marathon story at RW Daily.

p.s. I think my moral meter is on high with the boys in the oven - I definitely hope they're runners (I'm happy if they're not) but more than anything I hope for truth.

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