Monday, March 2, 2009

Money Saver Monday: Samples!

I'm a produce whore (and I mean that in the nicest way possible) - I love beauty and hair products. Need a nail polish? I have 8 pinks. Need some lotion? I have 6 - 3 types for full body, one for legs only, one with tanner, and one that I'm not quite sure what it does. After we found out I was pregnant, though, spending on product (among other things) was put to a halt.

Introducing - samples!

The other week when I went to visit my new-mom friend, she surprised me not only with fantastic baby stuff that her little boy grew out of, but beauty product samples. These were and are like gold to me! Although pregnancy is supposed to bring on a certain "glow" it also brings on a feeling of total ugliness - for me anyhow. It's weird seeing my body do things and change in ways I never imagined. My skin now has a mind of its own and will be dry one day and oily the next. I won't even go into hair - blech just about rounds it up. All in all, not feeling so beautiful. Beauty samples, though, are like a bunch of mini facials with products I can't afford. In a word - fantastic.

Samples are also great for:
  • Travel - I got through Vail with these
  • Gift bags - Lisa was an AMAZING host this weekend and put gift bags on all of our beds filled with sample creams for the weather and other goodies
  • Saving space - in our tiny bathroom full size doesn't cut it anymore

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