Thursday, March 19, 2009

Street trash

Of all the jobs out there I think handing out fliers on the street, and holding up the "Going Out of Business" or "Eat Here" signs are some of the worst. They're also two opportunities to tell the general public what you really think...

Walking back to work from lunch today, a man handed me a flier - the undertone being: "Your face needs some work, and you look fat. Oh, and can you throw this away for me?"

OK, I'm sure he was a very nice man who thinks everyone is beautiful and perfect just the way they are - a bit funny, though, that he was only handing the fliers to women over 25 who were either pregnant, or waistline challenged.

Cynicism aside, I really wouldn't like that job much. So I took the flier with grace and a "thank you."

1 comment:

Krafty said...

You are perfect anyway! Your pregnant body is better than my non-pregnant body!!