Monday, March 16, 2009

Lululemon Fun Run!

Another Monday, another great run with Lululemon. Today was a great day for a Lululemon Fun Run. Weekly we've been doing fun runs on Monday nights meeting up at Lululemon. Being a bit tired from our trip to San Diego, I lead a 3-miler instead of the standard 5. Post run - I'm feeling AWESOME! Great group, great loop, great way to start off the week.

Now that I've hit 5-months, I've been thinking a lot about "can I still run while pregnant with twins" and doing as much research as I can. Here are the cliffs notes - the problems with running can include:
  • Getting the heart rate up too high - if I have trouble breathing, the boys do too
  • Putting strain on my pelvis
  • Putting strain on my cervix which can cause pre-term labor
On the flip side, and after talking to my doctor, since I ran before getting pregnant:
  • My body is used to the running
  • If I watch the bouncing, I'm better off
  • If I stick at conversational pace, I'm OK
For now, I have the thumbs up to keep going, so I'm going to keep listening to my body (and the growing boys) and run.

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Kristen said...

Great job on the runs! That is awesome you are still out there. I am glad to know it can be done.