Thursday, March 19, 2009

Take it and Run Thursday: Spring Training Tips

Spring training tips... The welcome change from winter to spring season brings a natural change in our running as well. We start to running more, longer, faster or just different than we did in our "off months".

I love Spring training (the running kind, not the baseball kind). It's a time of transition (think high school - cross country turns into track), of great races, beautiful runs, and great weather (sometimes, in San Francisco we're not always so blessed). Here are my tips and tricks for Spring Training:
  • Get out early - early morning runs are great because they get your day off to a good start AND during the Spring and Summer months they're important to beat the heat
  • Explore - with the clouds and rain lifting, running in the Spring is the best time to see things around the city or on the dirt trails
  • Incorporate other types of training - outside yoga? Rad. Swimming? A great complement that cools you down.
  • Drink water! This is important with any run short or long but in the hotter months, or during those times when you're running further because it's nicer out, hydration is key.
  • Layer - the sun may be out but the weather can still surprise you; you don't want to be 10-miles out and have the sunny sky turn to rain