Tuesday, March 24, 2009

To do: let it go

I've decided people are really weird. There, I said it. When there's an unfamiliar incident or surrounding, people do weird things. People are especially weird around pregnant women. Here are a few examples that I find amusing (isms):

  • In the Market: At Whole Foods (fondly known of as "whole paycheck" because that's where all my money seems to go) on Sunday, the baggers rushed looking irritated to be bagging groceries and crammed a week's worth of groceries for 2 (4?) into 2 bags. Needless to say, they were heavy. When the baggers went to hand the bags to me, I was rubbing my belly (I'm telling you, these kids can kick!) and their entire mood seemed to change: "Oh my God - these are too heavy. Can I re-bag these for you? I'm sorry. Can I help carry them?"
  • On the street: On Sunday I was doing a photo shoot for Lululemon when a woman with her new baby walked by: "Woot! You look HOT. Go mama!" (I dig it :o) )
  • On the bus: Well, I thought this one would be a bit different, but on the jam packed 1 back from the Dr. today the 20-something man in a suit stinking of cig smoke just stared at me. Nothing.
At work:
Work is the oddest - it seems all normalcy and ways to treat people go out the window. When I first found out I was pregnant, before I told anyone, a co-worker grabbed my breast saying how big I was. Lately I've gotten comments like this:
  • Boy: "You need to stop wearing tight sweaters - you look like you have a beer gut."
  • Girl: "Hi baby lady."
  • Boy: "What's happening baby maker" or "How's it popping baby machine?"


Krafty said...

People are just jealous that you're over 5 months pregnant and can still beat them in a push-up contest. You're like Wonder Woman!

CBuff said...

I can't believe the guy on the bus didn't give up his seat for you. I agree w/ L though, they're just jealous you look so good at 5 months!!

jbordewyk said...

I have been without a computer for 5 days...I missed your humor...yes people are wierd and you don't have to be preg to notice - esp some of the hippies at Rainbow Foods.... :)