Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What women talk about in locker rooms

As I'm tapering down my running, I've decided to "embrace" biking and swimming - hopefully over the next few months increasing my bike/swim workouts will help parlay me into a few tris next year. Crunch (hands down, my favorite gym in San Francisco) doesn't have a pool so I've tried:
  • Sports Club LA (love it, but too expensive at $160/month)
  • Equinox (eh, a little on the banker side)
  • Club One (OK - I liked it better when I got a teacher's discount - the pool is only a "C")
  • North Beach pool (best by far for the price ($4/swim) but closed for construction - must be a big drain "need)
  • 24-Hour Fitness (two words - "pick up")
  • Golden Gate Swim and Tennis (love it! The pools are outside, though, so when it rains or is too cold it's not appealing to go from the locker room to the pool)
  • Bay Club (my latest conquest - I'm loving this gym ... the clientele are a different than the 20-30 San Franciscans I'm used to at Crunch - chi chi-er)
I think you can tell a lot about a gym by the locker room. At Crunch I have never heard people talking or seen people hanging out. Bay Club is another story - while getting out of my wet suit (oh, and by the way - buying a red bathing suite when pregnant with twins? Bad idea. I look like "Bump Watch" instead of "Bay (Babe) Watch") I heard the following:
Blondie: "Yeah, so for Christmas I bought Edwin (side note - what kind of a name is that? I'm on a name kick right now. Spanish?) a camel"
Brunette: "A what?"
Blondie: "A camel"
Brunette: "A what?"
Amber (interior voice): "WTF?"
Blondie: "Yes! A camel. ... So, back to you and your man - has he told her yet?"
Brunette: "Kind of. He decided he's going to stay with her."
Blondie: "Jerk!"
Brunette: "I knew he would. I'm going to keep him, though. I told him I wanted to become 'the one' - he said he'd talk to her tonight."
Blondie: "You know, she's going to think it's all you. He's going to blame you, and she's never going to talk to you again, and then he's still going to stay with her."
Brunette: "No - I have proof. I have pictures, and stories."

By this point I was totally intrigued, but the gossip twins had walked away to the shower room (which is bigger than my house).

The gym locker is like a Mexican soap opera - love it! The stories alone are almost compelling enough for the $105 monthly dues.


Kristen said...

Haha - this is a great story! My gym (CA Family Fitness) is pretty boring!

Krafty said...

I would have followed them into the shower stall! Crazy what people will talk about in the 'open.' Also, I'm sure you looked fab in your red swim suit - embrace the bump girl!