Saturday, March 7, 2009

On the trails again - my first 1st place!

Today was the Marin Trails 10k and 20k race in China Camp. I ran the 10k and ... drumroll ... placed 1st female and 7th overall!! I ran the 10k in 45:02 - not too shaby for a lady toting a bowling ball belly (OK, beach ball). Whoo hoo! Peoples' reactions were so funny and varied from pointing and staring at my belly, to "WTF? You're pregnant? I need to get pregnant so I can go fast, too!"

Our GGRC running coach, Mark, also took first - our grand prizes? Rubber chickens. Rad.

Not a terrible course map - beautiful run:

The lineup:


Krafty said...

I'm so proud of your girl! You're such an inspiration. I have to admit that it still makes me nervous that you're running that much - you have one of my God-son's in there!!

aron said...

AWESOME job!!!!

jbordewyk said...

Congrats! Did I ever tell you you're my hero.....????