Monday, March 9, 2009

Money Saver Monday: Family Dinner

I love eating out. I love going somewhere for a great meal with friends and the hub. For some reason, food cooked by someone else always tastes better (this is not a slam to my or Matt's cooking - I think it's more a testament to enjoying having something done). With so many amazing restaurants in San Francisco, eating out can get really expensive - $20 at Pesce one night, $50 at Bar Johnny the next, you get the picture.

Intro - Family Dinner.

Last night I had the BEST dinner and time at Jamie's - Jamie, Courtney, Hibret, and I got together to "break bread" and talk babies and it was so fun. Jamie cooked (a million thanks to Jamie) and we all hung in the kitchen talking about everything from work, to family, to stuff I won't write publicly.

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Krafty said...

Totally jealous - I miss those family dinners! I know exactly what you mean about eating out - we spend way too much doing that here in Vail.