Monday, March 23, 2009

Money Saver Monday: mani / peddi

I am a sucker for spa treatments. Mani / peddi? Hair? Facial? Love it all!!! But good treatments typically come with a hefty pricetag and after hearing many stories of bad pedicure (insert image of fungus in the foot sink - nasty) I typically stick with the higher end spas - hence, the already high pricetag is squared.

Introducing, the husband mani / peddi. One of the many joys of being pregnant is Matt is so eager to do anything to help (OK, I'll admit, he's always been amazing in this capacity). My spa 'ala Matt mani / peddi option is better than any spa in town and it only costs the cost of polish.

  • Husband mani / peddi: $8
  • Love that goes into it: priceless (so cheesy)
  • Spa mani / peddi: $50+
  • Not being sure what the people are saying about you when you're getting a spa mani / peddi: kind of entertaining

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