Wednesday, March 11, 2009

To wear: pregnant and chilly

The sun has peaked out in San Francisco but it's still chilly. Remember the old saying: "The coldest Winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco," by Mark Twain? Well, Winter > Spring is even colder!

Not one to shy away from style, though, here's my (chilly) San Francisco "bump" outfit for the day - oh, and this is celebrating week 20!

p.s. before I give you the preg outfit, you may want to check out EmilyStyle - that girl has a knack for everything style and even does consulting sometimes.

to wear: pregnant and chilly
to wear: pregnant and chilly - by Marathon Mom on

Blouse - Stella McCartney silk (I'm wearing a much cheaper version of this one)
Pants - Theory (I love love love these! I can still wear my pre-preg Theorys because of the low waist)
Cardigan - Theory cashmere (their cashmere sweaters are a staple)
Kitten heel - GoJane (I can't wear my tall shoes anymore (oh how I miss 4") because I keep wobbling over - not cool)


MrsEm said...

Nice one!

Amber said...

You're the inspiration here - kudos to for bringing so many great outfits to the blogsphere!